World-Class Instructors

Lumos Debate recruits counselors that are competitive public speakers and debaters with years and years of experience. We've made absolutely certain that every single Lumos Debate instructor is phenomenal, and that means you can be absolutely certain your child is going to receive phenomenal coaching.

Furthermore, we always strive for an extraordinarily low student-instructor ratio. Our guaranteed 6:1 student instructor ratio allows
 us to constantly breakout into small groups, and we take time to mentor our students and provide one-on-one feedback every single day.

2-Day Public Speaking Workshop

Over the course of our 2-Day Debate workshop, our instructors will cover the basic rules and techniques of competitive debate. Your child will study critical thinking, public speaking, and leadership. This is perfect for students who have never tried debate before and are shy about public speaking. 

What do other parents think of Lumos Debate?

"The kids came home so motivated to tell me about what a warrant is, and a claim and supporting their arguments. They came home happy every single day."

—Caroline W.


"This is the first time the kids did an educational camp — they loved it, they enjoyed it, they want to do it again next year."

—Hasmeena K.

"It's an incredible program. [...] My son, Jeff, is amazed at what you guys are doing here. Thank you very much."

—Patrick D.

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"Now they ask me for more, they are like 'oh, I really want to do debate', so my daughter is going to highschool and she wants to be part of the debate team, which she never mentioned before [this] camp. It really opened something new that she didn't consider before."

— Noura G.



Your child will find a friendly low-pressure environment where students can find the confidence to speak out with their opinions and beliefs. Our curriculum is built from the ground up to be engaging, active, and fun! And we also make sure to allocate time for playing capture the flag, ninja, and other outdoor activities that allow our students to take a well deserved break.


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Questions? Call us at 617-901-4564. Or email at

Lots of Fun!

Public Speaking | Critical Thinking | Leadership

Questions? Call us at 617-901-4564. Or email at

Questions? Call us at 617-901-4564. Or email at

Questions? Call us at 617-901-4564. Or email at