"Lumos Debate has given my son so much confidence it is hard to believe." 

World-Class Instructors
Parent Testimonials

“The best summer experience Brenda has ever had. So much fun!”

—Robert L. (Newton, MA)

“The instructors were clearly very attentive, providing a lot of individual attention, constructive feedback, and encouragement to the students as well as status updates to the parents. Our son really had a wonderful two weeks—he learned a lot, made new friends and had a ton of fun!”

—Aditi P. (Needham, MA)

Thank you so much. It is amazing to me that Ryan actually participated and argued in front of a group of people. I am not aware that he has ever done so. This is a huge step for him. I am quite surprised that he is doing this in a short number of days.”

—Liu L. (Newton, MA)

Thank you so much.  At home, we also have noticed that Christopher feels more comfortable sharing his ideas than before the debate camp!  He feels that this camp really has helped him to learn about how to debate, how to share his ideas, how to respond, defend, and prepare his ideas/thoughts.

—Sarah L. (Lexington, MA)

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Lumos Debate recruits public speaking coaches exclusively from top universities like Harvard, Oxford, UC Berkeley, Brown, UChicago, and UPenn. All of our instructors have won national debate awards and championships, they are expert public speaking instructors with years and years of experience. We've made absolutely certain that every single Lumos Debate instructor is phenomenal, and that means you can be absolutely certain your child is going to receive phenomenal coaching.

Furthermore, we always strive for an extraordinarily low student-instructor ratio. Our guaranteed 6:1 student instructor ratio allows
 us to constantly breakout into small groups, and we take time to mentor our students and provide one-on-one feedback every single day.

During our 2 week day-camp, your child will study critical thinking, public speaking, communication skills, and practice keeping poise under pressure. These are the skills that will get your kid noticed, and catapult them into leadership positions in school and in their future career.

Debate puts your child on an academic fast-track. Recent studies find that students who participate in competitive debate programs score earn 20% higher GPAs and earn significanlty higher scores on the SAT and ACT. 

Academic Fast Track

College Advantage

#1 Summer Camp for Smart Kids

Colleges absolutely love debaters. Recent studies demonstrate that students who compete in debate are 30-60% more likely to gain admission to Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

Low Pressure, lots of Fun!

We take great care to foster a friendly low-pressure environment where students feel comfortable with their own voice and are willing to speak out with their opinions and beliefs. Our curriculum is built from the ground up to be engaging, active, and fun! And we also make sure to allocate time for playing capture the flag, ninja, and other outdoor activities that allow our students to take a well deserved break.


— Julie W. (Brown Middle School Mother)

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